Hicon HVAC Heating & Air– Reach Top Heights with Us

Are you looking for an all-in-one stop for your home or business’s climate control needs, but don’t want to have to compromise on quality for the convenience?  Most companies out there will make you settle for one or the other, but here at Hicon HVAC Heating & Air, we never settle for less like those competitors.
When it comes to finding great deals on commercial and industrial installations and product lines, we at HICON are held in high regard for designing high class systems.  You would be surprised at how much an outdated HVAC could be costing you every month in energy bills, and now could be a great time to take your financial savings into your own hands by calling the offices of Hicon HVAC Heating & Air or Virginia Beach HVACS – install new air conditioner.  Why would you trust a salesman or saleswoman who did do not know these machines inside and out like we do?  Our excellent team of technicians can do it all, and have years of hands-on experience plus access to our professional factory, that you won’t get from a lot of the current companies available for hire on the market.  The team at Hicon has experience in manufacturing the following:  anti hi-temperature air conditioners, marine air conditioners, chillers, special air conditioners, panel coolers and oil coolers used in various industrial and commercial services.

More than the equipment and our name, it is truly our top-of-the-line staff that leaves a lasting impression on our customers for years to come, that really makes Hicon different from everyone else.  More than just technicians, we have a work force of professional level engineers like the ones seen in heating and cooling lansing mi reviews.  We have the power to support not just residential and commercial cooling/heating goals, but also any industrial jobs as well.  You would be surprised at how much having proper air ventilation can quickly change the atmosphere of your building, so breathe easier with clean air ducts and filters from the team at Hicon.  These talented men and women workforce is dedicated to supporting customer needs more than the rest, and we prove it with our knowledge of all makes, models, and brands of HVAC— even international or global ones.

You may be concerned about the high quotes on air conditioning and furnace installations, replacements, or repairs from those other guys; but at Hicon HVAC Heating & Air we guarantee fair and affordable pricing for nearly any budget.  We understand that while home improvement services are a necessity, that does not mean that the companies making the repairs should be charging you a nickel and dime (just because the demand may seem high.)  There are even package service specials for repeat customers because we value your input, response, as well as repeat business with us.

With Hicon, we will make sure that you feel comfortable and at home as our team goes to work on your AC or heat issues, and can often fix the problem in the same day.  So if you want both prompt, expert, and affordable HVAC options, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at our offices.